SIGNPOSTING TO USEFUL WEBSITES The autism treament centre of America…….the powerful therapy that changes lives!

Beth Burton ,Autism Therapist    01363877511  Beth provides support to families in Mid-Devon area through home visits and follow on consultations. She has worked with 250 children with Autism and specialises in play therapy and auditory processing challenges. ( I personnally worked with Beth over a four year period with my son Paul (severely autistic) we shared some incredible moments and Beth helped our family dramatically, especially at the start of the programme.)

North Devon Forum for Autism  mobile 07923481332 (a cracking bunch of people who work tirelessly!)

PARENT PARTNERSHIP Tavistock Youth Cafe Plus for specials needs children and young adults and their parents and carers. 5.30pm to 7.30pm at Tavistock Youth Cafe. Founded by Cathy Sharp ,Sheena & Allen Lewis






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