The 3 brothers

Paul now cleans his own teeth, baths and dries and dresses himself. He has made his own bed and he can pack all his toys, books away! This is a miracle!


Washing detergents…………..

Over £100.00 of detergents, 17 and a half litres of Comfort, Persil Non Bio, Flash, Fairy liquid were poured into our washing machine by Paul in the same amount of time its taken me to write this sentence! I was livid as was my wife Sheena. I said to him, ”Very cross!!!!!” He patted me on top of the head and said,”Sorry dad.”


In one month Paul used £150.00 of ink and paper by printing DVD covers off the lap top/epson printer. He now has hundred of cut out DVD covers from Thomas the Tank Engine to Wallis and Grommit!


He’s gone!!!

It was getting near Christmas and the Woolworth store catalogue was laying on Paul’s bed as he loves catalogues. The alarm was set on the front foor and the safetly lock was on too! I was upstairs on my computer engrossed in fund raising when suddenly I was aware of the alarm.

I jumped up and ran downn stairs to see a chair by the front door , the highest lock was undone and the front door open! I ran out looked left and right but no Paul. I decided to go left as the last 3 escapes had been in that direction. Knocking on a few doors and asked neighbours had they seen him? No! So with time passing rapidly I phoned my wife Sheena at work and said ,”He’s gone!” Sheena immediately left work in the car at the far end of town and drove back through the town centre just in case she saw Paul. As she approached Woolworths she saw all the staff standing out side and thought oh they must be having a fire drill? She continued to drive through towards home and suddenly saw her late brother Steve walking back toward Woolworths with a huge box of Thomas the Tank Engine toys and in her mind went ”Oh no!” As she continued to get near home she saw me with Paul in a very angry state pullling back on me. What a relief! We both looked at the catalogue in his bedroom to see a page with the identical toy box he had taken in the Woolworth catalogue !

We both later called in to the Woolworth store and the staff said he grabbed the box and ran and there was nothing they could do.


6.30am.kettle on , mug with tea bag and bleery eyed dad! Kettle boiling me waiting. Suddenly the kettles roars and explodes with foam all over the kitchen work top! I turned round to see an empty bottle of fairy liquid on the draining board! My cup of team was made in the microwave!


As above but out of the kettle shot lengths of spagetti! Same time different scenario!

Whats he watching now?

Lap top on with 5 screens of Toy Story 2 in 5 different languages all running at the same point in the film…… does he do it?

Roof Top Run!

One Sunday morning about 6 years ago I was happily in the kitchen peeling spuds for a roast at about 9.30am. The door bell rings and I answer it to find our neighbour , five doors down , on the doorstep in her pyjamas. Dawn said in a complete panic, ”Paul’s on our roof!” I said ”No he isnt he’s upstairs!” Then quickly realizing that why would Dawn be ringing my door in her pyjamas, immediatley ran with her up the road, through her hall , dining room and said ”Morning” to everyone eating breakfast and out to the garden.

I looked back and up, to see Paul laughing at me! I shouted ”Paul come down now!” No chance, he was gone aagain running back like a monkey towards ours.

He climbed back in through our bedroom window and assisted by his eldest brother Lee made it look so simple!

Dawn later said, ”I heard a child’s voice so close out of my window , got out of bed , opened the curtains to see Paul looking in at me smiling. I didnt shout but just panicked and ran up to your house immediatley!”

Orchard Conservatories , one of our wonderful sponsors came out on the following day to sort all the upstairs windows!

The Thomas the Tank Engine mystery!

One morning a few years ago now I was just about to use the toilet when the phone rang. I looked in the toilet to see a Thomas train in the bottom. I answered the phone and chatted to whoever called. On the table I had left a freshly made mug of tea. When the call ended I went over to the mug to take a drink only to find the Thomas that was last seen in the toilet in my mug of tea!

I tipped the drink away , washed off Thomas and made a fresh cup. As I turned round I then saw Paul calmly knock my fresh cuppa over the dining room table all over my paperwork! When I told Sheena ,my wife, over the phone what had happened she cried with laughter!

Fingers in ears! Typical of autism……..sensitive hearing.

Fingers in the ears. Hyper-senstive hearing……..weve now freed up Paul’s hands by using ear defenders. Simple and easy as long as you remember to take them with you when you go out.

Bean Bag Dissaster!

Sheena said to me one day. ”Its awful Paul hasnt got a comfortable chair in his Son Rise Playroom”( purpose built room for therapy in our garden). I said how about a bean bag? She said ”Absolutely what I thought!” So off she went to buy one.

Tweny minutes later Sheena returned with a huge blue bag ten times bigger than Paul.Well we left him alone and he was in laughter. I popped up no less than 5 minutes after he had started playing and opened the playroom door……..”Oh sh*t!”I said. He replied, ”Bye.Bye!” and pointed to the door. Yes youv’e guessed it he undid the lining and it released thousands of mini white balls which took 3 years to hoover up!

Coffee? I used to love it!

One night in a run of 9 sleepless nights in a row Paul decided to scatter a jar of coffee granules all around our house , carpets, windows and just about everywhere he could! I woke having fallen asleep watching the” Body Guard” for the 50th time. As I walked around the house in my bare feet I could smell coffee everywhere and seeing it was only 2.30am in the morning I used a dustpan and brush to pick up the mess. Well if you know anything about coffee granules you’ll know they get in everywhere if you drop them so as I walked around clearing up , the soles of my feet became embedded with coffee. The only way I could get them off was to have a bath. When I got in to wash my feet the bath water turned brown and all I could smell was coffee, it was awful. It took years after that for me to try a cup again! When I tell this story everyone always laughs but it wasnt funny at the time.

Ear defenders, what a blessing!

Disappearance of milk?

We arrived home from a huge shop at Tescos , Paul had been with us , and started unpacking. I placed 8 four pint milk containers on the draining board by the sink. Sheena answered the door when the bell rang and called me to speak to whoever it was. We were only a few minutes. I returned to the kitchen to store away the milk in the freezer only to see Paul standing on one of his ride on cars , flapping his hands and laughing. He was watching milk swirling down the plughole! I looked to his left to see 7 empty milk containers. The air was blue!




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