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Where would we be without sponsors? A big thank you to local Tavistock businessman Paul Cowling for helping us to promote this great cause!

Even at the age of 17 years, Paul still loves Thomas the Tank Engine but at lease he has moved on to many other characters, Wallis & Grommit, Shrek etc…

Paul above in Tavistock Town Hall Chambers where he has managed to attend a few Charity functions, something that would have been impossible a few years ago.



With  my son Paul now 17 years old weve managed to get him into animation….the green super hero is called SUPER PAUL…..we have great hopes for this now!





Action4autism website was is set up to help , support and signpost parents who have their children diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder ,  Aspergers Syndrome and other similar conditions.

University Intramural league team CIV SOC raise money every year for our cause…great lads!

I started this website as when my son Paul was diagnosed with severe ASD in December 2003 my wife Sheena and I were at a complete loss as to what to do and really needed help.

The stress and problems that go with a child with this condition are vast and you can only really understand the condition if you live with it.

The goal of this website will be to be supportive to parents and carers of these children and  adults but also bring humour and hopefully joy when we learn to accept the condition and see it as a gift and something truly wonderful.

I can honestly say those first years nearly killed us as the constant disruption , mess , lack of sleep , damage and chaos were our life! Yes all of us , including our other children who I have to say have been amazing.

I will tell our story on a separate page of this website but I really do hope that people go on here do take something out of it in a positive way.

The one thing that we have learnt is you can’t fight the autism , you just go with it no matter how hard or crazy it is and hopefully you can come out the other side and laugh about your experiences and enjoy this very special human being you have been given.

As an ordinary dad I am putting this information together with what I have learnt and I hope others who visit Action4autism will pass on their stories and other helpful information. Which will then be a mind of information that can create positive messages to those people who are in an awful mess and feel helpless and alone.

Please pass this website on to others and I hope it grows and becomes a huge help.



Allen Lewis ,a dad who has learnt to love autism



3 thoughts on “Welcome to ACTION4autism

  1. Son-Rise helped my grandson, Charlie and all the family BUT I wish we had been told at diagnosis about Gluten/Casein/Soy free diet, Epsom salt baths and Biomedical Treatment. This is So important for our children. There is so much that can be done. The Treating Autism website has helped us such a lot.

  2. Louise – you will get all the information on the Treating Autism website : http://www.treatingautism.co.uk You will find details of treatment and practitioners there. They also have a Yahoo site : Autism Biological Europe. My grandson also had AIT (Auditory Integrated Training), cranial ostiopathy, and homeopathy and Son-Rise. Currently doing the ‘Andy Cutler’ chelation protocol.

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